Taking A Va/Stay-cation

A big hello from Fanny

Jon and I are taking a vacation.  It will begin on Tuesday when we’ll go to our favorite Inn in Vermont.  We’re back on Thursday but we’ve decided to take the rest of the week off.

We’re both tired and need some time off to rest.

For Jon that means only posting a few pictures each day without a lot of writing. (you can read it in his words here)  For me it means maybe not blogging at all, or just blogging when if I feel like it. Like if I’m walking in the woods and get a really good video, I may want to post it.  I won’t be checking my email everyday either.

The idea for me is not to feel the pressure of having to work.

In our Bellydance class we always take the week between Christmas and NewYears off.  Julz, my teacher, was saying that time off from dancing and even listening to the playlists is sometimes helpful.  It gives the brain and body a change to absorb all it has learned.

Like sleep I thought.  How dreaming can sort all the stuff out from the day and help make sense of it  subconsciously.

On my vacation, I hope to hang out with Jon a little more, sleep a little later, do some reading, drawing, get back to the woods and I might even make it to my studio.

Basically I want to do whatever I feel like when I feel like as much as possible.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


9 thoughts on “Taking A Va/Stay-cation

  1. Oh Maria
    I so honor you for this, what a beautiful, loving , sekf- honoring intention.

    Relinquishing the internal demand of ‘have to Do’
    Letting the ‘ feel like it’ be the guide.

    May your body and soul be nourished

  2. As a person who wholly understands, I’m proud of you for taking time off. For following your body and mind’s lead without question or hesitation. It is SO rewarding. And refreshing.
    The end of the year always feels like too much! I can’t find the word I want. But it certainly contrasts with sometime in January when we feel refreshed and ready to head out into the world again.
    Good for you.

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