A Tree Potholder and Broken Sewing Machine

the drawing for my potholder

It’s been longer than I’d like to admit that I’ve been thinking of making a potholder for my neighbors whose woods I so often walk in.

I knew right away that it would be one of the trees with a sign on it marking the trail.  But I couldn’t really picture how I would make the potholder until I started using fabric paint and stitching over it.

Going into my studio this morning I had to step over several boxes of fabric that were scattered around the floor.  My work table was covered in scraps and every surface taken up with old quilts and batting that I’ve been using since before Christmas.

I knew it needed to be cleaned up, but I decided that first I’d make the potholder for my neighbors.

I pulled up a couple of photos I’d taken of the tree and sign I wanted to use then did a few drawings.  Once I got the right feeling I cut fabric to size and got out my fabric paint.

Green for the ferns and gray for the tree…

I made two in case I messed one up.

Then I stitched the words for the sign using my sewing machine.  The paint had to dry before I could stitch the ferns and tree, so I moved onto something else.

I’ll stitch the sign onto the tree

The something else was a small piece with the words, “I Have the Right to be Happy” for Jon.  It’s a mantra he’s been talking about and I had already chosen a piece of old quilt to write it on.  I got as far as “I Have the” when my sewing machine stopped working and  FO1 showed up on the screen.

I turned the machine off then back on, but still the same message came up.  And no matter what I did, I couldn’t turn the hand wheel that lowers and raises the needle..

When I googled FO1, I found that either I need a new motor on my sewing machine, or it needs to be cleaned.  I’m hoping it just needs to be cleaned, but the machine is over ten years old and I’ve worn down other parts of it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the motor.

Dropping off my sewing machine at Ruby’s Nimble Thimble Photo by Jon Katz

After lunch Jon and I took a ride into Greenwich and dropped my machine off at Ruby’s Nimble Thimble.  John, who has worked on the machine before will pick it up and call me when he knows what’s wrong with it.

I do have a back up free motion sewing machine, but it too has its own problems.  And I’ve never been as comfortable working on it as I have my Brother Sewing machine.

I haven’t used the machine in so long, I cleaned out a few draws in my studio looking for the power cord.  When I finally got it set up, it wasn’t working either.

All afternoon, as I cleaned up my studio and then tried my machine again and again,  I got a message saying the motor was in overdrive.  I’ve read that this sometimes happens when a machine hasn’t been used in a while.  So I’m hoping tomorrow something will change.  That my back up machine will come out of the spell it’s under from not having been used in so long and work.

But I’m already making the adjustment to letting these two things go for as long as I need to.  My Janome machine is working perfectly and I have quilts and potholders and a pillow to make. So it’s not as if I can’t do my work.

I just can’t do the work I started today.

2 thoughts on “A Tree Potholder and Broken Sewing Machine

  1. Uh, oh, maybe I should run a few lines of stitches with my back up machines….Id never heard of the motor going into overdrive, etc, but I’m not expert. Thank you Maria for passing this on!

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