I Have The Right To Be Happy

I have the right to be happy ( and not just because I got my sewing machine working.)

It’s Jon’s mantra, one that he uses in the night when he wakes up feeling scared.  We have each found ways to make the fear that visits us go away.  At least for a while.  And I believe each time that happens it makes the next time a little easier.

It took me a while this morning to figure out why my sewing machine wasn’t working (there were threads jammed in the bobbin case) and then a while more to get the settings right for free motion sewing.  I haven’t used this machine in over a year, but once I got it working, I’m finding that I like using it.

I don’t feel like I have as much control as I do with my Brother Sewing machine, but it may just take more time working with it.  Or I’ll just have to give up some control.  Maybe that’s the message from this machine.

I finished sewing Jon’s mantra (it’s on a piece of an old quilt) then hung it up in his office, close to his desk so he can see it easily.

Jon sitting at his desk looking at his Happy words.

After that I stitched the tree on the potholder for my neighbors.   I still have to sew on the sign that says…Pine Tree Trail… but since I have Bellydancing Class tonight I have to quit early.

I’ll get it done tomorrow.

I’m excited to have my other sewing machine working. It has its glitches.  Sometimes it just randomly stops when I’m sewing and cuts the thread.  Right now I can’t get the tread cutter to work at all.  I also have to hold the needle threader up with a string.

But these are all things that can be fixed at some point.  For now I’m enjoying getting to know the machine again.

It almost feels like I have a new sewing machine.

My tree potholder just needs it’s sign and to be made into an actual potholder

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