Patiently Waiting On The Zip Notecards

Zip in his barn

“I’ll go see if the Zip cards are ready, ” I said to Jon as we pulled into the post office parking lot.   A&M Printers are just across the street and the Open sign was on the door.

Boxes lined the hallway to the front desk and the sound of a News program barely reached me from the back room.  I looked on the shelves next to the counter, but there was no sign of the Zip cards.

If they were there, I would have taken them without a word and would have received a bill in the mail at the end of the month.

Maybe tomorrow, I think.  I could see how busy they were.  When I ran out of business cards, Brad got them done quickly for me. I’m eager to get the notecards but there’s really no rush.  I’ll have then soon enough.

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