Pine Tree Trail Potholder

I finished the Pine Tree Trail Potholder this morning.  It’s a gift for my neighbor’s whose woods I walk in.  It’s long overdue, but finally done.  I feel like I know that tree so well, it almost drew itself.

7 thoughts on “Pine Tree Trail Potholder

  1. Did you sew the lines on the tree by hand or machine? It is a beautiful tree.
    I do traditional quilting and at first your quilts threw me off but I’ve come to appreciate the creativity of them and the imagination of your work. I’m hoping to stretch my wings a bit more.

    1. I did it with my sewing machine Laurie. I love that you came back even though you weren’t sure about my quilts. We can all do with bit of wing stretching! 🙂

  2. So pretty! The minimalist tree image reminds me of The Giving Tree or the Winnie the Pooh book illustrations. Also, that Cool Gray is a lovely choice.

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