Winter Snow Potholders

I struggled trying to make potholders today.  It just wasn’t working.  I went through a new bag of scraps that Karen sent me, but nothing clicked.  I actually made three potholders then took them all apart.

I can’t remember ever doing that before.

I knew I needed to stop and take a break.  So I went into the house and Jon and I meditated.  That’s when the two pieces of fabric came together for me. The big snow flakes and the bears and howling wolves.

I had five snowflakes so made five potholders.  The one above is the first one I made.  I took a picture of it before it got dark out so the lighting would be right.  Each one has a  stand of birch trees too.

I feel like because all the pieces of fabric with images on them are out of scale to each other, they speak to the idea that the past, present and future are all always happening at once.

I know I was inspired by this mornings snow.  It wasn’t a lot and it’s all melted now, but it felt like it was an emblem, a harbinger of the winter to come.

10 thoughts on “Winter Snow Potholders

  1. Would like a potholder with the birch tree fabric. And probably a bear,
    there are bears very much around around. Vermont Fish and Wildlife told me that with the mild weather bears are looking for food, but will go back to their dens with colder temps and snow.

    1. Ah, Sharon, they are all sold. I’m sorry. It’s interesting about the bears. It’s cold here today and snow on the way perhaps they will go back to their dens soon.

  2. It’s so very lovely! Definitely one of my favorite collages I’ve seen of yours. (Is it okay to call them collages?)

    I feel immersion when I look at. Like I’m deep in the forest during late dusk.

  3. WOW… those went quick! I was hoping for one or two myself…. will there be anymore (birch trees, bears, and those colors!)…

    1. I’m thinking of making more without the snow flakes since I don’t have any of them. but I bet I can come up with another combination of fabric that will work Anne. thanks for asking and sorry you missed out on them. 🙂

  4. the birch trees and the colors were my favorite part… snowflakes optional… if you make more, will you let me know? (PS… condolences on the loss of Biddy…)

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