Getting Ready For The Snow


We had some flurries all day, but we’re waiting for the big snow to come over the weekend.  I did some preparing for it.

I washed out the water bowls in the barn yard and chicken coop and plugged in a bowl for Zip in the barn.  I cleaned out the coop putting in fresh hay and and filled the feeder with laying mash.  If it snows the hens won’t be coming out, so I like them having a clean coop.    I filled up the bird feeder and got the snow shovels out.  Tomorrow morning I’ll move the chairs off the back porch to make shoveling easier.

Other than that, there isn’t much to do but wait and see how much shoveling will need to be done.

From what I’ve heard, it  sounds like a typical January snow.  But it’s been so warm, I’ve put off doing those things I usually do to prepare for snow.

I hope there is enough for a snowshoe in the woods.

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