My Snow Flake Potholders

My Snowflake and Birch Tree Potholder are all sold

I haven’t made the into potholders yet, but my Snowflake and Birch Tree Potholders are all sold.

KJ left a message saying the reminded her of the book The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey.  I see what she means.  I read that book a while ago, but I can still picture the cabin where the family lived.  It’s a wonderful story about a child who appears to a couple who live in the wilderness.

I must say I’m touched that my potholders brought that book to mind for KJ.  They do have a sense of story telling to me.

I did design a few more patchwork potholders today that have nothing to do with snow and snowflakes.  But didn’t get a picture of most of them. These short days throw my picture taking off.

I did get a photo of the two blue ones I made with a completely different, kind of snowflake, design and color palette.


2 thoughts on “My Snow Flake Potholders

  1. All your art tells a story – it comes from your everyday life, your emotions, your experiences, your state of mind. All lovely.
    I am very pleased I could connect if that makes sense.

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