The Wedding Dress Pillow

Wedding Dress Pillow

It was all the way back in August when Chris sent the wedding dress.  I washed it and hung it on the line took a picture of it and wrote about how I’d soon be making a pillow from it for her son.

Well, it didn’t happen as soon as I thought it would, but today I made the pillow.

The dress was Chris’s mothers, now a part of it is a keepsake for her son.

I used the curved lace from the bodice, then sewed the buttons and button loops from the back of the dress to it.   To me these were the distinguishing features of the dress.  The parts that when sewn together on the pillow still say “wedding dress”.

I used a part of the skirt for the backing and still have yards of it left.  I’m still not sure how I’ll use it, but I keep thinking I want to try painting on it.

That will come in its own time too.

I laid Chris’s mother’s wedding dress out on my studio floor to get a feel for how I would use it. 

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Dress Pillow

  1. I had tears when I saw it. Although Mom is in a memory care unit , I know it will make her happy to see it. Bless you for making such a beautiful remembrance of Mom and Dad’s 70 years of marriage

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