Zip And The Hens

I knew the hens wouldn’t be coming out of the coop with all that snow on the ground.

But all day long I watched from my studio as Zip hoped up on the roost and peered in the door.  When he saw the hens were inside, he’d jump off or slowly walk down the ramp sharpening his claws along the way.

This morning as I was feeding the hens, Zip was right there, looking to get in.

I don’t know if he eats their food, waits for the sparrows who also eat their food, or just takes a nap.

Zip never tries to go in the coop when the hens are in it.  I imagine they had a stand-off early on and the hens won.

When he couldn’t get into the coop Zip would saunter over to the bird feeder and look for mice and moles drawn to the fallen seeds.  Then he’d make his way back to the porch for a while.

I haven’t seen any evidence of him hunting the birds a the feeder. (although I have seen him eyeing the pigeons on the roof as if he could get to them)   They seem very savvy about staying away when he’s around.

I do miss having the birds at the feeder all day while I’m working.  But Zip coming the farm has altered things in ways I wouldn’t have expected.   I’m still getting used to some of them, as are many of the animals who live here.

Zip leaving the roost when he saw the hens were inside.

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