January Snow


By the time I got done mucking out the barn this morning the sheep all had a fine lace of snow on their backs.

Socks, Lori, Issachar and Suzy with Kim, Merricat and Constance behind them.

But it’s been snowing all day and even though they spent most of the day in the barn, by this afternoon all the sheep and the donkeys were carrying a crust of snow.

Zip is a comfortable in the snow as Zinnia is.  He was nosing around the hen house but the hens weren’t coming out.  By the afternoon I was watching him out my studio window as he hunted in the few inches of snow that had fallen.

Lulu and Socks

When I got back from a walk in the woods, the animals had eaten all the hay and most of them were back in the barn.  Just the younger sheep, Merricat, Constance and Robin were nibbling around the feeders and eating the snow.

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