A Ramp For The Chicken Coop

Zip hanging out with me while I made the chicken coop ramp

Once again, all the materials I need were in the house and barn.  Some old wood and a box of nails just the right size.

I looked up the proper dimension for a Chicken coop ramp.   A 30 degree angle (I have no idea what that means but my board looks like the it’s at the angle in the pictures I saw), an 8″ wide board and 1″x1″  rungs spaced not more that 6 ” apart.

Measure, saw, drill holes for the nails then hammer them in.  It was that easy.

I didn’t attached the ramp to the hen house so I can take it down at night.  I wouldn’t want to invite and predators in.

Of course Zip was the first one to try it out.

I’m hoping the hens won’t be too confused by it.  They’ve never used a ramp before.

Time will tell.

The ramp I made for the Chicken Coop

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