Jon and Zip

That thing between Jon and Zip continues to grow.

Zip is happy when I feed him and will follow me around if I’m the only human around.  But he doesn’t look at me adoringly and even though I’m there every morning and afternoon, he has never followed me into the barnyard as he does Jon.

Is Zip Jon’s familiar? Is there a past life connection?  Maybe it’s just two being who get each other, who connect on a level that is unexplainable.  At least in the way we humans are used to doing.

6 thoughts on “Jon and Zip

  1. What an intense connection they have! Beautiful photo, so much love there. Zip’s happy cat squiggles – curly all the way up to the tip of his tail! Thank you for this wonderful photo.

  2. I’ve had cats for many years and that tail up in the air is a sign of total happiness.
    Nice to see that relationship!

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