A Prague Spring For The Sheep And Donkeys

Before Snell left the farm they dug a hole in the pasture to see what the soil would be like if they were to lay some drainage pipes.  Turns out it’s gravel, the best we could hope for.

For them to get their backhoe in the pasture I had to open the gates.  The donkeys and sheep, who haven’t been in that pasture since the fall were right behind us.

They ran into the pasture and started nibbling on the soggy grass, thrilled to have a new place to graze.

I would have let them stay, but it isn’t  good to have sheep and donkeys walking on the soft wet earth (the snow has melted and it’s muddy once again) and eating the grass when it is so close to the ground.  They will pull the grass up by the roots and destroy the pasture for next year.

I couldn’t get them to leave by myself, (it was of those times I wish Fate could actually herd the sheep) but with Jon’s help, we got them back to the barnyard.

2 thoughts on “A Prague Spring For The Sheep And Donkeys

  1. What a fun video! I’ve never seen your donkeys run before. The look on the sheep’s faces as they decided whether to comply or scatter was entertaining (as someone who didn’t have to get them to move along). Even the chicken seem to have investigated the space. It’s cute how they all stuck together among the larger animals. The overall effect was like when a teacher blows the end of recess whistle…especially the one straggler, though at school the reason behind the slow process is more about avoidance.

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