Spirit Owl Pillows

Spirit Owl Pillow I 16″x16″

Sharon sent me a link to ten hours of owl calls.  I put it on this morning in my studio and got to work making a Spirit Owl Pillow.

Listening to the owl calls was just right for me, but not for Fate.  She stood next to my computer and stared at it, her ears never stopped moving.  I couldn’t  convince her to lay down, the owl spoke to something inside of her that wouldn’t let her rest.

So I worked in silence instead.

I made two Spirit Owl Pillows.  One of them may already be sold, but if not, I’ll be putting them up for sale tomorrow in my Etsy Shop.   They are $90 + shipping.

Spirit Owl Pillow II 15″x15″

Zip showed up for the photo shoot.

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