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I had a day of packing up books to get in the mail, sorting through emails about Chicken Potholders and Spirit Owl Pillows (I sold them both but will make one or two more) and a bit of book keeping and paying bills.

I did take a short walk  and to my distress I found a dead hawk.

It was too close  to where and when I found the dead owl just a few days ago. Its body too was intact.  I called the DEC when I got home to report it. I didn’t know what else to do.  I left a message, maybe they will call me back.

Now it’s time for me to change for Bellydancing class.  It’s still light out and will be when I leave.  By the time I get to class it will be dark.

Going to class on Wednesday night is the best gauge I have of the days getting shorter and longer.  Soon I’ll be driving home in the daylight again.

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  1. There are a large number of dead birds being found near me. I am near refuge on Plum Island. The ranger has twice this week cautioned people to keep pets away from these birds. Most deaths due to avian flu that can make your dogs sick. Not sure about your area. I am in MA just south of Hampton NH

  2. I’d call until you get an answer. These agencies work for you. I assume you think poisoning. Bring back a carcass for testing, making sure none of your animals can get into it. Also you can email your local politicians. I am an activist in that way, they all know my name from federal level to local.

  3. Good Morning Maria!!

    I have a question!!
    We have a friend who does beautiful bead work!! She has a huge collection of beads and all the tools to make her art!!
    She has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is trying to make decisions about her supplies and where they should go!! As expected, it is overwhelming for her!! This is her passion!!
    I wanted to ask you first if you thought the students could use or even want them!!
    Our friend , Ann, would be totally in support of Sue and her students!! She would love to have known you!!

    Please let me know what you think at your convenience!!

    Thank you so very much!!
    Have a beautiful day,
    Cathy Collins

    If they do, we will approach our friend about donating them!!

    1. I’m sorry about your friend Cathy. I think Sue and the kids would love to have the beads and tools. I will email you about it. Thanks for thinking of them.

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