Three Baby Ramshorn Snails

Two snails mating

I haven’t been as diligent of ridding my snail bowl of eggs as I’d thought.  Today I saw the baby snail as small as a grain of sand, making its way up the quartz rock in the tank.

Not even the size of the head of a pin, more the size of the pin point.  Then I saw another and another.

It was time to clean the tank anyway, so I put the original three snails in a container and one of the bigger baby snails with them.  Then I scrubbed the rock, the plants and the gravel.

I found two oval gelatinous masses of snail eggs.  I scraped them off the rock and plants.  The were less than 1/8th inch long.  I put them on the side of a glass and took some pictures.

snail eggs

I was amazed at what I saw.  If you look closely you can see the beginnings of the spiral of the snail shell.  Almost 30 of them.

I’m looking forward to watching the baby snails grow.  But I don’t want to have  more than three in the small bowl.  I don’t want to be overrun with ramshorn snails.

So I’ll keep scraping the eggs off the leaves and rock and side of the bowl. And probably clean out the bowl a bit more often.

One of the baby ramshorn snails

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