Our Visit To Nobletown Fiber Works

Me and Lewis Cleale,  the owner of Nobletown Fiber Works

It was just as we expected an hour and a half down Route 22.  Nobletown Fiber Works is just past the main intersection in the small town of Hillsdale NY.  As easy ride from the farm.

The front door opens right into the mill.  Two rooms of machinery that makes raw wool into roving and yarn.   Lewis Cleale, the owner was there to answer all our questions, while two woman, one who owned her own fiber mill for years ran the machinery.

There was also a sweet blue eyed long haired Australian shepherd-like dog who licked my face.

I was impressed by what I saw along with some new options for processing my wool that I hadn’t considered before.

Rug yarn

The thick rug yarn pictured above can be knit with large knitting needles into a soft rug.   Or it can be woven into a fine rug that is more durable. The wool can also be processed into batts of roving, which can be used for felting.

the same rug yarn woven into a rug

The three ply yarn has a bit of a different texture than I was getting from the Vermont Fiber Mill, but the samples I saw looked lovely.  I’ll also be able to get my roving for dryer balls.

I have no doubt that my wool would be in good hands after seeing the mill and meeting Lewis who was friendly and helpful and Sarah, who runs the machinery.

Lewis is a Broadway actor and hopes to retire in a few years to work full time with sheep and wool.  He has big plans for the mill as a place where people can come to learn about sheep and wool processing, weaving, knitting and felting. He has begun building a barn for more space to work in  and hopes to have a Fiber Festival in the town one day.

But for me, I’m glad to have a place I trust to get my wool processed.  The only thing I’m waiting on is a price list, which might be in my email as I write this.

Jon in the shop


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    1. Yes, Marsha, it can be knit with fat needles. He had a pair on a rug he was knitting. They were wooden and probably about 6-8 inches long and thick, with a soft wire between them.

  1. What a fascinating place that looks to be. I am looking forward to finding out what you decide, and what the results may be.

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