Making Potholders Like Taking A Test

The scraps that inspired me

It only takes one piece of fabric to inspire me to start working.  Today it was a few scraps that someone sent me that she cut off an old shirt.

I had something else in mind to work on today, but then I saw these scraps.  They seemed a good place to start, to get me going.

I ended up pairing them with some fabric I’ve used before to make potholders.  It wasn’t my intention, but they went so well together.

Potholders in progress

The unusual thing was that I would sew the scraps to the fabric then get stuck.  So I did something I don’t remember doing before. I worked on seven different potholders at once.

I though of how I learned when taking a test to not get stuck on one question.  To skip the question and go back to it later.  That the rest of the questions might help put it in context or that I might just remember how to answer it.

With my Potholders, I added one piece of fabric on to all them then moved on to another.  Some I actually finished.

I’ll work on them some more tomorrow.

The Cow Potholder I finished designing.


4 thoughts on “Making Potholders Like Taking A Test

  1. Hi Maria –
    My mother would be happy to see the very last scraps of her shirt being used in this way, especially that you can actually make them into a series, wow! So nice to see the last bits of her iconic shirt.
    Made me smile. Thanks.

    1. Oh Jan, I didn’t remember who gave them to me, But I’m so glad you saw them and let me know. I feel a bit closer to your mother who I only know through her fabric. Thank you! This makes me love those potholders even more.

  2. As someone who works in Special Education, a group of learners particularly prone to getting stuck on an idea or something not going to plan, this made me smile from ear to ear! Who knows how those little crumbs of advice may come in handy down the road. Your experience did more to get me ready for work this morning than my cup of coffee did, and that’s saying something!

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