Chasing The Ball, Like Chasing The Sheep

Fate loves to chase a ball as much as she does sheep.  Sometimes I take both dogs out and throw the ball for them.  Zinnia will only chase her ball, she knows it’s hers by the way it smells, so there’s no competing.

I like to walk around the pasture when I throw the ball. I check the fences and look to see what is growing or not growing, or pick up litter from passing cars.

While on the other end of the pasture I saw the donkeys picking at the last of the hay, the green mountains in the distance, the maple towering over the barn and my studio.  I find the shapes of the buildings, although not natural, fit well into the landscape.

Jon throwing the ball for Zinnia

Jon sometimes comes out with us and throws the ball for Zinnia.  You can see the maple tree behind him that is dying.  It’s dropping branches, but is also the tree that the Woodpecker live in and the Bald Eagles and Crows land on to get a good view of their surroundings.

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