The Hens Are Back In The Barn

With snow on the ground this morning I wasn’t sure if the hens would come out of the coop.  When I didn’t see them out my studio window, I decided to put the water bowl inside the coop.

But the hens weren’t in the coop or outside under the bird feeder where they hang out when there is any snow at all. I didn’t expect to find them in the barn, but I couldn’t imagine where else they might be.

Suddenly the farm was back to the way if was before Zip came to live with us.  A cat on the back porch, birds at the feeder and the hens in the barn.

The chickens haven’t gone into the barn since Zip ate or chased out everything that lived in it. I was glad to see the chickens had their old scratching ground in the barn back.

When Zip followed me into the barn, I expected him to chase the chickens.  And he may have thought of it, but I a put a few treats in his bowl and he lost interest in everything else.

I gave the hens some dried mealworms and it was the peaceable kingdom once again.

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