Zip Touching Noses With Socks

Zip and Socks

Zip never follows me into the barnyard, but he does follow Jon where ever he goes.  So when I went to feed the sheep and donkeys some leftover bread from breakfast, and Jon was with me, Zip followed.

I don’t know what happens when we’re not around, but Zip and the sheep seem to be very friendly with each other.

I’ve seen him cuddle up to the sheep before, but I was surprised when I saw Zips little pink tongue give Issachar a lick on the nose.

Then, as we were leaving, Zip touched noses with Socks.  Like he was making the rounds.

2 thoughts on “Zip Touching Noses With Socks

  1. How sweet that is that those big sheep are so gentle with that little cat. I saw that with my chow Labrador mix. The vet told me chows were vicious but but mine inherited to retreat the Labrador temperament. He look like a child it was a big sweetheart with the two cats. And Chowd have a lot of hair. And there you would see him laying on the bed and one of my cats at all times cleaning his tail for him. Lol. This is an awesome picture It would make a nice magnet. I was so happy to see the postcard with zip in the chicken coop thanking me. And as I write this to you I have a cat sprawled out across my heating pad on my legs right now.

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