Rami, My Baby Ramshorn Snail


I’ve decided to name my baby Ramshorn snail Rami.

I had a hard time deciding from the suggestions you all gave me. (Thanks all)  So I thought I’d sleep on it.

When I woke up at 3am, it was the name Rami that came to mind.

I looked it up. It’s an Arabic name meaning “one who throws the arrow”  A marksman name.  But it’s also a nice play on Ramshorn shortened.

So thanks Rosie, Rami it is.

8 thoughts on “Rami, My Baby Ramshorn Snail

  1. you are most welcome i was also thinking of the poet rumi and then rami for short as that’s what he is glad you chose it!

  2. I was in England visiting my sister-in-law, and after a good rain, snails of different sizes and colors came crawling out of hiding, along with some slugs. They were gorgeous! I’d love to send those photos to you. I will try sending them in a separate email later today (they are on a different computer). I also had some land snails in my first grade classroom which we all adored.

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