Drawing Birds At The Mansion

Drawings by Mary, Nancy, Claudia, June, Jon, Rachel and Jennifer

Jon asked to join my drawing class at The Mansion yesterday.  It was right on target for Jon since we were drawing birds.  I didn’t mind getting his feedback either on how clear my instructions were.

Jon drawing his birds

I started by talking about how birds see color different than we do.   That when we see brown, or gray feathers, they are seeing colors we can’t.

“So make your birds colorful” I said.  “Imagine what another bird might be seeing.”

The idea was to use the letter D repeated, turned and stretched out or compressed to make birds.

We started with pencil then went over the pencil lines in marker.  After that everyone was on their own to color the bird the way they chose.

I’ve learned when teaching at The Mansion there has to be a certain amount of clear instruction and direction.  But after everyone gets started they take off in their own direction.

The last think I want is for their birds to look like mine.

Mary took hers the farthest and made a dog instead of bird.  Jons reminded me of a huge eagle made of stones by Native Americans that I visited in Georgia many years ago.  Jenn has her own style that I’ve seen come up again and again in all of her work. Rachel’s birds are as confident as she is.  And Claudia’s birds have the character and feel of cave drawings.

Not everyone chose to draw birds.  Some of the people in the class continued to color the owls they had started before I got there.

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