Hens In The Morning Light

I open the big door on the chicken coop and check to make sure there is food and water for the hens.  They mill around, maybe hoping for some meal worms or leftovers, not ready to leave the coop just yet.

The morning light coming through the small door makes the inside of the coop glow.

I take a bunch of pictures.  The chickens move so quickly, I won’t know if I have anything good  till I look at them on my iPhone.

Later, back in the house,  I see two that still all that movement into languid poses full of soft patterns and elegant curves.

2 thoughts on “Hens In The Morning Light

  1. Wow, Maria, not only are your hens elegant and photogenic, they’re SO CLEAN despite the mud and wet weather! They must have a nice, dry dust bathing area somewhere to keep all those white feathers so clean. In the barn somewhere, maybe?

    We’re had so much rain here in far northern California, one atmospheric river after another, my poor chickens are looking brown-tinged from trying to bathe in damp soil. The soil is so saturated, even their dust bath under the coop, protected from rainfall and splashing, is damp from moisture seeping up through the ground. I put a deep tray of dry sand under there and they use it, but still have muddy streaks on their feathers.

    Kudos to your big, beautiful girls on their fastidious feather care! 🙂

    1. I never thought about all that rain affecting the chickens Linda. You go from drought to too much rain in CA. I consider us very fortunate to have the weather we do. But I also know that can change at any time. There are plenty of places for our hens to take dust baths. and you’re right in the winter when the ground is covered in snow or frozen they have the barn. There are hollows in the loose sand where they “bathe”. Hope the rain lets up soon.

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