The Bags Of Leaves Around My Foundation Are Keeping My Studio Warmer


Black bags filled with leaves and topped with snow are keeping my studio warmer. (Bud seems to be hanging out with Ed Gulley’s Turtle.

In the fall I began to think of ways to insulate the floor in my studio.  It has such a shallow foundation, there were few ways to make my floor warmer in the winter.

It seems most of the cold was from wind coming through the cracks in the stone foundation.  One option was to fill the spaces between the stones with cement.  But that’s a lot of tedious work that none of the people we talked to about it wanted to do.

I didn’t want to do it either.

The other idea was to fill bags with leaves or put straw around the foundation to insulate it.

Since we have plenty of fall leaves all around my studio from the maples, that seemed the easiest and most practical solution.

I put the bags of leaves on the north and east side of my studio, where the foundation is the highest and the wind comes from most often.

This has not been one of our colder winters, but I have felt a difference in the cold coming from under my studio and through the floor boards.  Not only is my floor not as cold, it helps to keep my whole studio warmer.

Next year I’ll put bags on the west side of my studio too.  The foundation on the south side is only two stones high, there is rarely, if ever, wind from the south and the stones warm up in the winter sun.

2 thoughts on “The Bags Of Leaves Around My Foundation Are Keeping My Studio Warmer

  1. What a wonderfully simple solution. I bet the heat of being in those bags in the sun will have broken down the leaves enough that they’d be well on their way to compost status (or at least mulch) by the time spring rolls around.

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