Early Mud Season


Fate and Socks behind her

Mud season arrived this afternoon.  It is a bit early, but it’s supposed to be warm all next week.  I don’t doubt that things will freeze up again before the true mud season visits.

Tomorrow Jon and I will go to Mud U at Hubbard Hall.  The same program where I took the BollyX class.  This time we’re going to learn about composting indoor using red worms.  I was really surprised when I mentioned the class to Jon and he wanted to go.  I was sure he would just laugh about it.

But he’s as interested in the idea as I am, maybe even more.  He’s been researching red worms and even wants to the visit the Adirondack Worm Farm.   I’ll be sure to let you know all about it on Sunday.

I’ll also be posting my latest batch of Potholders in my Etsy Shop on Sunday.   I was going to do it today but things didn’t go as I planned and now I’m too tired to do much more than have dinner and maybe watch a mystery with Jon.

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