The Red-winged Black Birds Are Back

Ice crystals make a feather on a piece of  hay on the water bucket

Frost glazed the trees, the slate roofs, the grass.  I dumped a shovel full of manure on the sparkling pile.  It rolled down the side, an avalanche as hard as rocks but lighter than a leaf of hay.

That’s when I heard the familiar song.  One I haven’t heard since last fall. Ba-breeee  it called again.    It came from the marsh, but I couldn’t see him.

The Red-winged Blackbirds are back with memories of spring.  For a moment, the air felt gentler, the  frost looked softer, and I breathed in the smell of warm earth

As I left the barnyard the Red-winged Blackbird stood on the high branches of the Paper Birch, singing his song.

I watched and listened until he flew away.

2 thoughts on “The Red-winged Black Birds Are Back

  1. I love it when birdsong returns in the spring! If I’m lucky the mountain bluebirds will choose our cedar trees and junipers for a stop on their way back to their spring/summer homes. Their color is stunning and our trees take on a beautiful blue hue when they are full of birds. They only stay long enough to fill up on the berries in the branches then off they go till next spring. Happy birdsong!

    1. I can imagine the color Josie, if not the specific birdsong. What a cheerful image you paint. And since it is fleeting it makes it even more special to see. thank you!

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