Picking Up Garbage, A Nod From The Universe

Broken bottles of Smirnoff, crushed Bud Light and soda cans, chunks of styrofoam, half filled water bottles, plastic bags, paper cups, plastic food containers,  a piece of metal stove pipe, a soggy cushion, and a five dollar bill.

I’ve been looking at the garbage along the fence line of the farm since the last snow melt.  Yesterday when I emptied the 40lb bag of bird seed into the feeder, I tucked the bag behind the planter on the back porch.

I knew the next few days would be warm, a good time to do some cleaning up.

After coming back from the postoffice, I headed south on Route 22 with the birdseed bag.  Someone dumped a twin sized mattress in the gulley between the road and our neighbors cornfield.  I couldn’t fit that in my bag but I picked up the small things leading to it. (If the highway department doesn’t pick the mattress up tomorrow I’ll call them and let them know its there)

Then I crossed the road and headed north.  I’d walk to the seasonal stream that borders the farm and head back.  I had just lifted the soggy cushion from the tall grass and was reaching for another airplane sized vodka bottle when I saw the five dollar bill.  It was folded in half and waving in the grass like it grew there.

I pictured it mistakenly flying out of the car window stuck to an empty but still sweaty can of beer.

Instant Karma,  I thought.  A tip for my trouble.

Not having to look at the garbage on the side of the road is reward enough for me. But there was something delightful in finding the five dollar bill.

A nod from the Universe.

8 thoughts on “Picking Up Garbage, A Nod From The Universe

  1. I totally don’t understand why people destroy our beautiful landscape with their trash. I thought possibly it was due to the fact I lived in KY. Our roadways are littered with trash year round. Our local jail uses prison labor to pick up the trash. They can’t possibly cover the entire county. At least I now know, it’s a problem for all rural area in our country – no respect! I have seen people throw their cans out of their car/truck window in the city also!

    1. I can’t believe it either Irene. I still remember all those “Do Not Litter” campaigns from when I was a kid. I still think to myself….”Give a Hoot Don’t Pollute!”

  2. There’s a saying “No good deed goes unpunished.” It’s so nice to hear about a good deed that the Universe saw fit to reward! Karma assessed a littering fine. Don’t spend it all in one place, as my Dear Old Dad used to say. ;-}

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