Figuring Out How To Use The Thread On Those Big Spools That Uta Gave Me

Winding a bobbin from the big spool of thread.  It gets a little wobbly, so I have to hold the top of the spool when it’s winding.

When Uta sent me the box of  big spools of thread, I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to use it.

Over the years Uta would email me that she and her husband were taking a day ride and ask if she could drop off some fabric and sewing supplies.

We’d settle on a time then she’s pull up into the driveway and make her delivery.  Once or twice she and her husband visited with the donkeys, but she was always sensitive about boundaries.

It was after Uta moved to another state that she sent me the thread in the mail.

The first thing I figured out was how to wind the thread onto a bobbin.  It was too big for the thread holder on my machine, but I have an upright spindle that holds thread for winding bobbins so I don’t have to rethread the machine each time the bobbin runs out.

The hole in the big spool of thread was too big for the spindle.

So I looked for something to put inside of it to make it smaller.  My small collection of wooden thread spools came to mind.   They come in all different sizes and I found one that fit snuggly into the hole in the big spool.

That allowed me to put the big spool of thread on the upright spindle and wind a bobbin from it.

I’d been using the bobbins with my regular thread for a while,  but last week I wondered if I could wind another bobbin and use that as thread instead.

The bobbin doesn’t fit on the regular thread holder on my machine, but it does fit on the extra spindle. So now I just wind a bunch of bobbins and can use all the thread that Uta gave me on this sewing machine.  (It wouldn’t work on my Viking that I use for free motions sewing)

I love being able to use the thread so it isn’t wasted and because it saves me money.  And I get to  think of Uta each time I do.

Using the bobbin as a spool of thread

6 thoughts on “Figuring Out How To Use The Thread On Those Big Spools That Uta Gave Me

  1. I forgot to send along the holder for the big spools, but I will send it to you, and it will be much easier to use. Thanks for thinking of me, I do miss the farm as well as you and Jon.

    1. Oh Uta, I had no idea there was such a thing till I read Josie’s message. Thank you, if it’s too much trouble now that I know they exist I can always get one.
      And we miss you too. 🙂

  2. I have this very cool tool for large spools of thread and it works on any machine. I will take a picture of it and send it to you in an email. Since I got this I only buy the large spools of the colors I use most.

    1. Oh I’d love to see that. I guess I should have expected that there would be something like that out there. That part of the joy of having a blog and writing about this kind of thing….

  3. Don’t buy one I will send you mine. I am just looking for a box, so it won’t break, it is made of plastic.

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