Healing and Creating A Life Together


Our “Heal” sign in the barn.

“Healing is what we’ve been doing all these years together,” Jon said,  “It’s what our art and writing and lives have been about.”

Jon sat across the table from me as we ate breakfast.  When he said it the picture that I took just a half hour earlier came to mind.   We had the “Heal” sign hanging on our back porch for years.  We only recently replaced it with a sign that we found at the Senior Center Thrift Shop.  It reads… “This is us, our life, our story, our home”

Jon is right about our lives being about healing.  We continue to help each other to heal psychologically and emotionally everyday.   Sometimes in small ways, other times in big ones.

In the past I’ve wondered how my life would have been if it didn’t take me so long to the get to the place I am now.  If I hadn’t been damaged in my early life, if in my early 20s I were the person I am now.   Back then I didn’t even have enough confidence in myself to dream about becoming a successful New York City artist. Which is what I always wanted.

But now I think of how happy I am in my life now.

If I’d been healthy enough to fit into society, perhaps I’d be teaching at an art school and writing grants to support my art.  I would not have found the deep and nourishing love that Jon and I have together.  I would not live on a farm with sheep and donkeys and get to go to my studio everyday and make the art I choose.  Art that isn’t made for the art world, but for people. I wouldn’t have my blog and business, I wouldn’t have the connections to all of you that means so much to me.

So although I may still get a pang of regret now and again, I know that healing has brought me to a life that is uniquely my own.

And I believe the life that Jon and I have created together is our most creative accomplishment.

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