Buzzing Along On “Thinking Of Snow”

I had a hard time getting started working on my quilt Thinking Of Snow. I spend the early morning doing shipping so my head was in an organizational place not a creative one.

Once I was in my studio, I fussed around with the pieces of the quilt that I’d laid out two days before.  I kept moving them around, but I couldn’t tell what looked “right” and what didn’t.

At some point the words ” you need space” popped into my head.  It was true.  Not only is that the point of this quilt, but I was too caught up in the idea of getting it done instead of working on it.

I need space inside of me too, I thought.

So I unrolled my yoga mat and began a series of yoga moves that have become my routine.  As I stretched my body I could imagine space separating the bones in my spine, and joints. I made space between my in breath and my out breath.

It was only about ten minutes, but enough time to empty my mind so I could see what was in front of me.

When I got back to my quilt, I knew the first thing I had to do was trust.  I was hesitating when it came to knowing what to sew together next   But I couldn’t move forward without making a commitment.

So I took the two largest pieces I added some fabric to both of them and sewed them together.

After that there was no stopping me.  I buzzed along and after lunch when I knew I had to stop to make time to go to the post office and blog, I kept working.

Because I knew I needed another large simple “square”.  And I also knew if I didn’t get it done, I’d be thinking about it all weekend.

After making the “square” above I let myself quit for the day.

The last thing I did was try to place the three squares I had left knowing I would most likely change my mind on Monday.

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