Fate And Me

Sometime I look at Fate, and her wild eyed stare, and I know just how she feels. That obsessive madness.  She just can’t stop herself.  She’d probably run around the sheep until she dropped if I asked her to.

I picture  myself in my studio thinking…I’ll sew just one more piece of fabric, make just one more potholder.

I don’t know how it works, if we reflect our animals or they reflect us.  Maybe a little of both. Jon always says we get the dog we need. That makes me think I should pay more attention to Fate and her ways to see what I can learn something about myself.

She’s a different dog inside the house, as long as it’s not around the time to feed the sheep and donkeys.  Inside she mostly lays in one of the dog beds dozing.

When we walk in the woods the relationship shifts.  She keeps an eye on me, never running to far ahead and aways coming back to check on me if I linger to take a video or just sit for a bit quietly.

And Fate also always knows the way home.

Fate coming to find me when I took some time looking inside a fallen tree in the woods

One thought on “Fate And Me

  1. Maria. Jon is wise and very correct
    We do get the dog we need. And Fate is a perfect mirror for you!
    Love and Light Marilyn and Ruby/Muffin, the 70# Vizsla rescue doggie who just entered my life, when I thought I was seeking a 20# replacement for my Sadie dog (border/beagle) who after 13 years left me in September 2023′

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