“Thinking Of Snow”….Almost There

I woke this morning thinking of all the good work waiting for me in my studio.  There are Meditation Trees and Moon and Sun Potholders to finish sewing and my quilt Thinking of Snow waiting to be finished.

But I knew it was the quilt I’d be working on.  I’d gotten so close to finishing the design last week, and I had a good idea of where it was going.

It was that long strip on the left side that I knew needed a long solid red in it.  So that’s where I began today.

Then I worked on the bottom of the quilt.  I haven’t sewn it all together yet.  I needed to give it some time and space before making that commitment.

6 thoughts on ““Thinking Of Snow”….Almost There

    1. It guess it’s the bright colors Kathy. I love that it says “Joyful”. I like that you see see warmth despite all the white.

  1. It’s like pictures within a picture. Maybe I need to look at more. It almost seems to restrictive to only look at it that way.

    1. Yesterday when I looked at it KJ, I saw pictures too. I think it’s a perfectly fine way of seeing it. Someone else saw windows. I like that too.

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