Ode To My Iron

I looked through my Pablo Neruda book “Ode To Common Things“, but couldn’t find an ode to the Iron.

It was yesterday when I was sewing my Meditation Trees, that I smelled something burning.  I inspected my baseboard heaters, checked my tea warmer and opened the door to see if the smell came from outside.

Somehow I never thought it might be my iron.

When I checked it, I saw a bit of something stuck to the plate.  So I let it cool and this morning I cleaned it off.  But when I plugged it in my iron didn’t heat up.  I even tried another outlet, but still…no heat.

I can’t remember how long I’ve had this iron. I’ve gone through a few in the years since I started my business.  I’m always a little amazed when they die.  But they work hard, and often.  I use them up.

Still,  I always feel a little bad throwing them away.

On my way to Bellydancing Class tonight I’ll stop at Walmart in Bennington and buy a new one.  I’ll get the same kind, a simple Black and Decker “Classic”  that I won’t use as a steam iron.  I’ve found they last longer that way.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to work with my new Iron making some more Ode To The Moon and Sun Potholders. I made some last week and they all sold, except for one Sun that is now for sale in my Etsy Shop.  

Good Bye Iron.  We’ve worked well together.

My Ode To The Sun Potholder

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