Thinking Of Snow…

Even with my iron not working, I was determined to finish designing my  quilt “Thinking of Snow.”

There wasn’t much left to do.  I stitched together the bottom strip then sewed it onto the rest of the quilt.

I had an idea to put a thin strip of red around the whole thing then add a border using the rest of the back of the tablecloth.  But any color I tried, solid or patterned, took away the feeling of “space” which this quilt is so much about.

It didn’t want to be hemmed in, but to be able to expand out.

I will iron the parts tomorrow that I didn’t get to iron today. On Friday I begin working on backing  and tacking it.

Thinking of Snow is already sold.  Thanks to all of you who have asked about it.

Here is a close-up…



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