Where The Animals Drink

Asher drinking from the pond

There are lots of places for the animals to get their water on the farm.  The hens have a heated bowl by or in their coop (when it snows.)  Zip has a heated bowl in the barn.  There is a bowl that catches the rain water from porch roof.  And there is a heated water bucket in the barnyard for the sheep and donkeys.

But there is also the pond for the animals to drink from.  And when it rains a lot and the marsh floods or there are puddles on the ground the animals sometimes choose to drink from them.

I’ve seen both Zip and the hens reach into the tall water bucket in the barnyard although theirs is easier to reach.  And Zinnia loves to gobble up all the water in Zips small bowl with a few slurps.

We’re lucky to have a two streams that run through the farm.  And also lucky that they are far enough away from the house and barns that we don’t have to worry about flooding (so far).

Today Asher took a sip from the pond which is fed by the stream and filled with cool fresh rainwater.

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