Springs Big Snow

I think Zinnia loves the snow even more than swimming.

It’s more than any snow we got this winter.

All day, it snowed and iced and rained then snowed again.  Big heavy flakes and small swirling ones, it came straight down then got tossed by the wind.   They all took turns some coming back more than once.

I tried to keep up with the shoveling, but I also know that in a few days all the snow will be gone.  That’s what happens with spring snow.  So I didn’t make the paths that would have to last for months as I do with winter snow.

Zip under the rhododendron

It was only the hens and Bud who didn’t want to go out in the snow.

Zips footprints told me that he spent some time in the night under the front porch.  And when Jon came out of the house,  Zip sprinted from the barn to the back porch, hid under the Rhododendron bush then  made his way, panther-like through the snow, to wrap himself around Jon’s boots as he brushed snow off the cars.

And Fate, well, nothing keeps her from running around the sheep.

I fed the donkeys in the barn yesterday because they prefer it and it made it easier for me because there was less shoveling.  The donkeys can be fussy about snow. They’ll walk though it if there’s something in if for them.  They have no problem meeting me at the gate for a treat.  And it only bothers the sheep because they can’t graze.

So the donkeys and sheep spent most of the day, dry and out of the wind, in the barn.

Issachar, Asher, Kim, Robin and Lori in the barn

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