Asher And Kim, Together Again

I caught Asher and Kim together again.  This time in the barn.

I do get the feeling he is looking out for her.  Especially when Zinnia is around.   Kim runs from her and that gets Zinnia chasing Kim even more.   I wish I could tell her that Zinnia is the animal she should be least afraid of.

The most Zinnia would do is lick Kim’s nose or try to clean her ears.

6 thoughts on “Asher And Kim, Together Again

  1. Maria this beautiful portrait has such a timeless feel. like a farm from two hundred years ago. The wise and patient and ageless sheep. You captured it.

  2. Maria, I would love to do a painting of this with your permission, I would need it in a jpeg file I think. I dont seem to be able to download this. If that is your intent not to make it available to download or you dont want to bother I am fine with that and will just say it is a lovely lovely photo and leave it at that.
    Yours, Judy Johnson

    1. Hi Judy, I’d love for you to paint this photo. Not sure why you can’t download it, but I will email you a jpeg of it. Thanks for asking and would love to see the painting once you are done.

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