Song Of Spring At The Post Office

One of the sounds of spring in our small Upstate NY town of Cambridge is the song of chicks at the Post Office.

Chicks are sent through the mail and until they are picked up, they spend a little time in the postoffice filling the space with their chirping.

The first time I heard it, I couldn’t imagine what it was.  But Wendy, the clerk at the time, assured me that it was a regular part of spring at the Post Office.

But you have to get to the Post Office early to hear them. They’re not there for long.  People who buy chicks in the mail are waiting to get that call from the post office, letting them know their chicks have arrived.

The chicks come in large boxes every year.  They will either be egg layers or meat.  Either way, most of the chicks that live around are free-range and much better lives than the ones who live on factory farms.

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