Last Night I Dreamed…

Lori, Kim and Issachar

Last night I dreamed that I was in an empty office building.  I walked into a big empty room with a desk in it. On the ceiling was a grate.  I had a skein of my wool in my hand and I threw it up at the grate.

The yarn hung down in conical shapes creating a flowering sculpture.

The empty room turned into an art museum.

Then I looped two strands of  my wool under my feet and it lifted me off the ground.  I started to walk around in the air as if I were flying.

I kept remarking at how strong my wool was.

I woke from my dream feeling light and confident.   The dream seemed an affirmation of my art and the wool my sheep grow.

Yesterday at the end of Bellydancing Class my teacher and friend Julz did reiki on me.  All during class she  felt and saw the infection on the right side of my face.

We sat on the floor while Kathleen and Trish dance together.  Julz sat behind me and held her hands on either side of my face.  I felt her touch even though she never touched me.  I close my eyes and left myself for the minutes it took.

Reiki is healing with energy.  I believe will help clear my infection and that it spawned my dream.

4 thoughts on “Last Night I Dreamed…

  1. It happens that I was just reading about dreams and their importance. Your dream fits right in with what the author was saying.

  2. What a neat dream. I could see you suspended by your beautiful, strong wool! It must have been a very reassuring feeling!I can attest to the strength and beauty of your wool. The slippers, caps, and mittens I’ve knitted and crocheted have come through 3 winters and are still strong and beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your wool from the new mill !

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