I Saw Two Earthworms Mating

The hens would have made a feast of the mating earthworms

I was picking up dog poop so my eyes were focused on the ground.  What I saw looked like an intestine or other organ left behind by a cat after killing and eating a small rodent.

I bent down to get a closer look.

What I was seeing was actually two very thick earthworms about eight inches long.  Two inches of them seemed glued together by a bubbly white foam where they overlapped.   And just as quickly as I realized what they were, they broke apart, each worm disappearing in their own hole in the earth.

I didn’t know what I had witnessed but had a good idea it may have been two earthworms mating.  I easily confirmed just that when I found a photo on  Science Learning Hub.

Then I ran right upstairs to tell Jon who was just getting out of bed.  He was a little flustered.  It’s not what he expected.

The thrill for me was partly how unexpected it was to see two earth worms mating, but also that I happened to look down at the 8 inch patch of ground at the moment this little miracle was happening.

What I thought was something from the end of life turned out to be just the opposite.  I was watching the beginning of new life.

An inspiring way to start the day.

7 thoughts on “I Saw Two Earthworms Mating

  1. How cool is it that you got to see something most people will never see! You should have lots of great worms in your garden! The neatest thing I witnessed in my garden was a black swallowtail butterfly laying eggs on a dill stalk! I was thrilled and took that stalk along with a huge bunch of dill to my classroom. That August my preschoolers got to witness the entire life cycle of the swallowtail butterfly. It’s amazing how small the caterpillars were when they hatched! We released 12 butterflies that season and it was awesome!

    1. Wow Josie, That is amazing! I won’t be seeing those worm hatch (do worms hatch? I’ll have to look into that). I believe whatever they do, they do it underground. 🙂

  2. I love this! It was meant to be. It’s how I felt while on vacation in FL and seeing two snakes mating. Side by side and slithered away together. Never witnessed that before either. All the new life around now, and in the making, is very inspiring!

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