Lori Gets Her Spring Grass


All the sheep and the donkeys were very happy to be grazing on the spring grass, but I feel like Lori appreciated it them most.   She’s been longing for the spring grass and letting me know about it for a few weeks.

Asher and Issachar were gobbling up the dandelions too.

Lulu and Fanny

The sheep and donkeys get to graze for an hour and half in the morning and the same in the afternoon.  They need to change their diet from hay to grass slowly.  And we also don’t want them eating the grass down.   We rotational graze between the three pastures.

2 thoughts on “Lori Gets Her Spring Grass

  1. What a great photo of the gentlemen sheep and their flowers; the depth of the grass, and the depth of their golden brown wool, the brightness of the flowers in contrast with their perfectly coordinated brown faces. That is a magnet or postcard-worthy .

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