Cat Face Potholders and Cacti Potholders For Sale

Cat Face Potholder For sale in my Etsy Shop

It started with Eileen asking me to make her a cat pillow for someone she knew who adopted a cat with three legs.  I used a linen towel that Kathy sent me.  It had cat faces on it.

I ended up making five Cat Face Pillows then has seven more cat faces left.  So I made them into potholders.  Three are sold, but I still have four available.

My Cat Face and Cacti Potholders  are $25 each + $5 shipping for one or more.  You can see them all close up and buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here. 

When I was done making the Cat Face Potholders, I moved on to making some Cacti Potholders.  I only had a small piece of Cacti fabric, but I was able to make five potholders from it.  I chose it because it worked with the fabric scraps on my work table left from making the Cat Face Potholders.

But I also had cacti on my mind after transplanting and pruning my own cacti.

My Cacti Potholders for sale here.

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