Gardens In The Woods


The trees were my first place of comfort…

Ferns through Skunk Cabbage leaves

…a place of peace before I even understood the meaning of the word.

Three leaf Goldthread

Back then it was the hundred year old oak in my backyard…

A mushroom the same color as last years leaves

…or the overgrown gardens that grew behind the oldest houses in the neighborhood.

Little fern island in the swamp with three leaf and violets

Now my backyard is the woods…

Trout Lily

…with gardens of wildflowers…

Water Arum

…that grow better without people than with them.

Frog eggs in the shallow pond

I feel privileged to walk among them.


2 thoughts on “Gardens In The Woods

  1. Maria,
    Love all your photos you took in the woods … I too love photographing the wild flowers whenever I’m out walking. Nature it so wonderful !

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