Sending Out My “I Have the Right to be Happy” Magnets

Shipping out my I Have the Right to be Happy” Magnets.  Each person gets a Zip thank you card with their magnet.

“I’m looking forward to giving these to college students I mentor.”  Joanne wrote me.  She bought ten of my “I Have the Right to be Happy” magnets.

I spent the morning sending out lots of magnets and the Potholders I made last week.   I was surprised at how many people bought more than one magnet.  They got them as gifts to give to people who they thought could use the message.

Jill wrote, “I counted up all the folks (meaning women) who need to be reminded of this every day and … there you go!” 

And I got chills when Chantel told me… “An old friend of mine would say this to me when he knew I needed to hear it. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the magnet on your site.

I truly believe that ideas are out there “in the air” and we pick them up when we need them most.

It was Jon who came up with the words I Have the Right to be Happy” that inspired my wallhanging then magnet.   He wrote about his new mantra back in December….

“…I will always have fear inside me; it was built into my soul. But it gets smaller and less powerful all the time and no longer keeps me from living the life I want…My choices are to accept fear as a part of our lives or to be devoured and crippled by it. I am preparing for fear this year, as I have in the past. And I have a wonderful new mantra and motto: I Have A Right To Be Happy.”

For Jon the words came as an antidote to fear.  And I know they ring true to each of us for our own reasons.

The idea of that I have the right to be happy came late in life for me as well.  It was a matter of self-worth.  Did I really deserve to be happy?  Was I a good enough person, especially when so many people are suffering.

Now I am happy whenever I can be.  There have been and will be plenty of times in my life when happiness will elude me.  So I will grab it when I can, and am grateful for any opportunity of happiness that life offers me.

I sold more than half my “I Have the Right to be Happy” magnets this weekend.  And I still have more for sale.

If you’d like one, they are 2″x3″ and are $7 each.  You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected].  I take PayPal, Venmo and checks.

My wallhanging on the door in Jon’s study

2 thoughts on “Sending Out My “I Have the Right to be Happy” Magnets

  1. The phrase “we have a right to be happy” is actually a pretty common one, especially in philosophical and religious circles. Interestingly, so is its opposite—one of the last things that C. S. Lewis ever wrote, for instance, is an essay about how we actually have NO right to be happy. Different strokes!

    1. It sure is Heather. And we each come to it in our own time. It’s like “I am enough”. We only really hear it when we are ready to hear it. I grew up with the unspoken idea of not being happy, so I’m happy to reject it at this point in my life.

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