Figuring Out Some Bird Potholders

“I received your potholder yesterday and love it! I think of them as “functional mini quilts.” Debbie

I stumbled around in my studio for some time before finding the bird fabric.  Then I stumbled some more trying to find the fabric that I’d use to make those birds into Potholders.

The only thing I can say about how I choose my Potholder fabric is that it’s a feeling. I either feel it or I don’t and I never have to choose between two.  It’s always just one that sings.

I got only three designed by the end of the day.  But I have Bellydancing tonight so I have to quit work early.

While I was looking through my studio, I also think I found the fabric that I’ll make the leaves for the bottom of my Bird and Branch fabric painting.  It’s a  leaf and flower appliqué that I’ll take from an old quilt.  I’ve used some of  it before for the leaves and stems on my fabric painting, “My Truth Has Wings”.  I’m looking forward to working on that.

I struggled with each of the potholders I made today.  The birds are big and have a nice painterly texture.  At first I thought I wanted fabrics with that same soft feeling, but it was too much of the same thing.  Somehow they kept reminding me of shower curtains.

So I decided to pick up on the bolder colors which will highlight the soft texture of the image.

I’ll work on them more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Figuring Out Some Bird Potholders

  1. I love nuthatches! If you have one needing a home… I always feel selfish when I buy one of your potholders because they are in such demand.

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