Rainy Morning Notes From The Barn

Wet donkeys

The rain is a deafening crowd on the tin roof of the pole barn
It’s layered with the screech of barn swallows

More like bats than birds
they swoop expertly between the posts
circle the inside of the barn
flying low over my head
and are gone

All this louder than the thunder that rumbles my insides

4 thoughts on “Rainy Morning Notes From The Barn

  1. Maria,
    I just love this poem. It creates a feeling of peace and quiet as the words and verse merge together. Reminds me of my grandmother’s poems she wrote during her lifetime of the nature and events she captured each day. I very much continue to enjoy your daily happenings at Bedlam Farm. The beauty of each day rain or sunshine enrich our days; and you bring them to life. Thank-you!

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