Under The Apple Tree

When I got done letting the animals into the pasture,  letting the dogs cool off  with a swim in the pond (the sun came out since this morning and now it actually hot out), and picking some more violets for Jon, he was sitting under the apple tree with Zip.

I couldn’t resist and sat down next to them.

Zip was spread across Jon’s lap and Jon was taking pictures.  There was a Red Winged Blackbird doing a mating dance above the marsh.  We watched as he flew straight up in the air, then sailed back down over and over again.

An Oriole sang to us in the apple tree,  with his bright orange belly with black wings.

“Oh I wish I could stay,” I said to Jon.  “Just sit here with you and watch the birds.” But I had to finish my work and get ready for Bellydancing class.

Zip smiled at me with his sleepy eyes and the hens pecked for bugs in the barren dahlia garden.

I hope Saturday is just as nice as today, I know what Jon and I will be doing if it is.

The hens in the dahlia garden rich with last years manure.

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