Calling the Hens in from Grazing, A Video

Ever since I fixed the gate, and there is no longer a space under it so the hens can’t get in and out of the pasture unless the gate is open.

Now when I bring the sheep and donkeys in from grazing I make sure the hens are in too.  They’re good about coming when I call them.  Not the same call I use with the sheep and donkeys, but their very own.

Kitty and Anne respond to their names KittyAnne and White Hen comes when I cluck (even though I image to a hen I probably sound ridiculous).  I throw them a handful of dried meal worms when they come in to reinforce their behavior. I do the same for the donkeys, (only alfalfa treats not worms),  who are not always as willing to leave the pasture as the sheep are.

The sheep usually just run out of the pasture when they see me coming.  If they don’t, I get behind one of them, put my arm out, wave my hands and say “Time to go.” That gets them running, then the rest, being sheep, follow.

2 thoughts on “Calling the Hens in from Grazing, A Video

  1. I love all your ways of communicating with the various farm animals. You re the donkey, sheep and chicken whisperer.
    I have a special communication with cats, and some dogs. I would love to have a life where I could explore that with other animals. The connection is so nourishing

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